Images and Video
Tuesday, 23 July
8:10 - 10:15 am
Ballroom C1 & C2

Greg Turk
Georgia Institute of Technology

Video Matting of Complex Scenes
Yung-Yu Chuang
Aseem Agarwala
Brian Curless
University of Washington

David Salesin
University of Washington, Microsoft Research

Richard Szeliski
Microsoft Research

Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression
Raanan Fattal
Dani Lischinski
Michael Werman
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fast Bilateral Filtering for the Display of High Dynamic Range Images
Frédo Durand
Julie Dorsey
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Computer Science

Photographic Tone Reproduction for Digital Images
Erik Reinhard
Michael Stark
Peter Shirley
University of Utah

James Ferwerda
Cornell University

Transferring Color to Greyscale Images
Tomihisa Welsh
Michael Ashikhmin
Klaus Mueller
State University of New York at Stony Brook

SIGGRAPH 2002 Papers are available in the SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Proceedings

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