Ultrasound Visualization With the Sonic Flashlight

The Sonic Flashlight uses a half-silvered mirror to merge direct views of an object with an ultrasound scan of the object's interior. It provides an independent illusion of a 2D cross-section through a 3D object, without relying on head tracking or virtual-reality glasses.

Multi-person augmented-reality device in a handheld display.

Current clinical use of ultrasound requires the physician to look away from the work area (patient) in order to view the ultrasound image. This is particularly undesirable when using ultrasound to guide invasive procedures, such as needle biopsy or catheter placement. The Sonic Flashlight allows in situ visualization of real-time ultrasound images without expensive or cumbersome hardware, and thus has the potential to greatly improve the accuracy and ergonomics of ultrasound-guided medical procedures. Future research will address calibration routines, further miniaturization of device components, clinical trials, and exploration of additional medical applications.

Damion Shelton
Carnegie Mellon University
235.16 Smith Hall
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 USA

Wilson Chang
University of Pittsburgh

George Stetten
University of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon University

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