TWISTER: A Media Booth

Telexistence Wide-Angle Immersive STEReoscope (TWISTER) is an immersive, full-color autostereoscopic display that allows people in distant locations to communicate as if they were in the same virtual 3D space.

360-degree autostereoscopic display.

The basic idea of mutual telexistence is projection of human beings into a virtual environment in real time. Each user stands inside a booth that displays live, full-color panoramic and autostereoscopic images and, at the same time, captures images of the user from every angle. In this context, autostereoscopic means there are no obstacles to hide the user's face, so it can be clearly seen. From multiple booths, people at remote locations can meet as if they were close at hand.

Kenji Tanaka
Tachi Lab
The University of Tokyo
School of Information Science and Technology
7-3-1 Hongo
Bunkyo-ku Tokyo Japan 113-8656

Junya Hayashi
Masahiko Inami
Yutaka Kunita
Taro Maeda
Susumu Tachi
The University of Tokyo

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