Tomorrow's Yesterday: Mapping the E-Tech Continuum

In computer graphics, history frames the possible, imagination paints the impossible, and passion fills in the rest. This history-mapping project recognizes the visionaries, explorers, artists, and pioneers who have shaped the Emerging Technologies programs since 1991. It is today's departure point to "what is next" and "who might take us there."

Navigable visual history of SIGGRAPH Emerging Technology programs.

This work provides a context for the Emerging Technology community to study and appreciate its heritage. On a future scale, however, we see the same community refining, growing, and returning its insights from this data back into new maps and ideas that will expand our exploration forward.

John M. Fujii
Hewlett-Packard Company
3404 East Harmony Road
Fort Collins, Colorado 80528-9599 USA

Illustrated summaries of SIGGRAPH 2002 Emerging Technologies projects are available in the SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Abstracts and Applications

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