Regeneration of Real Objects in the Real World

This system can make objects presented in different places and different times appear to be "real" in real space. It features "Noh," a form of Japanese traditional drama, as its motif.

The system consists of a capturing device, sensor devices, and a viewer. The capturing device captures 3D data from real objects, including glossy or translucent objects. The sensor devices sense the real environment with the "sensor cube." The viewer regenerates real objects in the real world by rendering them with ARToolKit in in the cube.

The goal of this work is to regenerate real objects that existed at some moment in the past and/or at some remote location as if they have been transferred across space and time to the present.

Hiroto Matsuoka
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
3-1, Morinosato Wakamiya
Atsugi-shi Kanagawa Japan 243-0198

Akira Onozawa
Hidenori Sato
Hisao Nojima
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

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