Public Anemone: An Organic Robot Creature

Inspired by primitive life, Public Anemone is a robotic creature with an organic appearance and quality of movement. Situated in an interactive terrarium that transitions from day to night, the cyber flora and fauna of this robotic garden can be manipulated by touch and proximity at night, and by gesture and movement during the day.

Natural and full-body expressive behavior of an autonomous interactive robot. Integrated show control tools for interactive experiences.

This research looks beyond the minimally expressive, mechanical nature of today's interactive robots to develop compelling, organic robot creatures. Taking primitive life as a metaphor, this project explores the aesthetic, expressive, and interactive qualities that help humans perceive robots as living creatures.

Cynthia Breazeal
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory
77 Massachusetts Avenue NE 18-5fl
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA

Geoff Beatty
Andrew Brooks
Jesse Gray
Matt Hancher
Cory Kidd
John McBean
Dan Stiehl
Josh Strickon
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

Matt Berlin
Marc Downie
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

Trevor Darrell
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

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