A high-resolution, wide-angle, distortion-free video capture and projection system composed of nine rear-projection screens.

Large moving optics display.

Potential NONA-Vision applications include:
  • Tele-operation. A wide-angle image is useful for tele-operation of a remote robot. Scenes of unknown environments are difficult to recognize with the narrow field of view available in a conventional camera-head. NONA-Vision provides a good sense of presence in the remote site.
  • Virtual travel. NONA-Vision enables virtual travel with a sense of presence in remote locations. This remote presence can be very valuable for handicapped or aged people who have trouble traveling in real spaces.
Hiroo Iwata
University of Tsukuba
Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Systems
Tsukuba Japan 305-8573

Hiroaki Yano
Motohiro Tsuzuki
Takayuki Yoshioka
Yutaka Miyakita
Fumitaka Nakaizumi
University of Tsukuba

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