A New Step-in-Place Locomotion Interface for Virtual Environment With Large Display System

A new locomotion interface for virtual environments with large screen. Users can direct and control their movements in any direction by in-place stepping and turning actions.

Design of a new kind of turntable system with embedded sensors as a walking platform interface. Usersí turning actions are canceled by the turntable to keep them facing the screen and provided with continuous visual feedback despite the use of limited large screen.

The use of our smart-turntable walking platform provides users with the ability to perform life-like walking experiences in a seamless manner and free from any body attachments. The interface can be easily integrated in most large-screen virtual environments. Even if the screen size is limited, the system delivers a continuous and surround-like display.

Laroussi Bouguila
Tokyo Institute of Technology
4259 Nagatsuta Midori ku
Yokoham shi Japan 226-8503

Makoto Sato
Laroussi Bouguila
Shoichi Hasegawa
Hashimoto Naoki
Naoki Matsumoto
Atsushi Toyama
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Jelel Ezzine
Dalel Maghrebi
Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis

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