The Interactive Window

Simple passive acoustic pickups turn a large sheet of glass into an interactive surface, locating and characterizing knocks and taps.

Passive acoustic tracking of knocks and taps on glass coupled with non-contact microwave sensing.

Although glass is a very common construction material, it is generally passive, unless outfitted with a potentially expensive and fragile touch-screen technology. Our technique is a very simple retrofit, where four contact pickups adhered to the inside surface of the glass are able to track and characterize knocks on the outside surface. Applications abound in areas ranging from retail (for example, a new era of window browsing, where users can explore content related to a store's merchandise or services by appropriately knocking) to interactive museum cases (for example, museum visitors could knock near a particular object to hear its story).

Joseph Paradiso
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory
1 Cambridge Center
5th Floor
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142-1605 USA

Marc Downie
Che King Leo
Nicholas Yu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

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