Research and applications that explore tomorrow's advances in seamless human-machine integration. Emerging Technologies explores the full spectrum of possibilities: graphics, simulation, robotics, interaction, haptics, display systems, artificial intelligence, medical applications, enabling technologies for collaborative projects, and any other area that enhances interaction between digital and human systems.


Audio Haptics

Augmenting Reality with 3D Sound Sources

Block Jam

Cyberarium Knowledge Fountain

Distributed Systems of Self-Configuring Robots

Focus-Plus-Context Screens: Context and Immersion on the Desktop

Immersive and Interactive Rear-Projected Stereo DLP Reality Center

The Interactive Window

Lewis the Robotic Photographer

A New Step-in-Place Locomotion Interface for Virtual Environment With Large Display System


Occlusive Optical See-Through Displays in a Collaborative Setup

Physiological Reaction and Presence in Stressful Virtual Environments

Public Anemone: An Organic Robot Creature

Regeneration of Real Objects in the Real World


Tomorrow's Yesterday: Mapping the E-Tech Continuum

TWISTER: A Media Booth

Ultrasound Visualization With the Sonic Flashlight

Virtual Chanbara

The Virtual Showcase: A Projection-Based Mult-User Augmented Reality Display

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Illustrated summaries of SIGGRAPH 2002 Emerging Technologies projects are available in the SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Abstracts and Applications

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