Immersive and Interactive Rear-Projected Stereo DLP BR Center

A rear-projected, curved-screen, three-channel Reality Center employs Galaxy Stereo DLP projectors equipped with unique non-linear image-mapping technology. Demonstrations presented by experts from the medical, scientific, oil-and-gas, and fine-arts fields use tracking to exploit the profound immersive and real-time interactive qualities of this display.

Bicubic image warping algorithms executed by processors internal to Stereo DLP projectors enable rear-projection of data onto a multi-channel curved screen without sacrificing image quality or real-time interaction.

When high-quality, rear-projection, curved-screen Stereo DLP display systems become commercially available, they will dominate the high-end immersive projection industry. The proliferation of such displays will help foster development of new software applications that will take specific advantage of the improved immersive and interactive qualities of this type of display.

Andrew Joel
BARCO Simulation Products
600 Bellbrook Avenue
Xenia, Ohio 45385 USA

Michael Brown
Almos Elekes

Paul Mlyniec
Digital ArtForms, Inc.

Malte Zoeckler
Indeed 3D

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