Educators Program Papers

Problems Using Components in Educational Software
Monday, 22 July
10:30 - 11 am
Room 205

The concept of reusable software components seems perfect for graphics-intensive educational software, but many barriers stand in the way of establishing educational component repositories.

Anne Morgan Spalter
Brown University
115 Waterman Street
Department of Computer Science, Box 1910
Providence, Rhode Island 02912 USA

What Do Computers Eat? Teaching Beginners to Think Critically About Technology and Art
Monday, 22 July
11:10 - 11:40 am
Room 205

New curriculum for an introductory course in art and technology in which students compare the software industry with fast food to investigate patterns of consumption in US culture.

Tiffany Holmes
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1455 West Rascher Avenue, #2W
Chicago, Illinois 60640 USA

SIGGRAPH as Textbook: Learning Skills for Undergraduates
Tuesday, 23 July
10:30 - 11 am
Room 205

Advanced undergraduates use the latest SIGGRAPH proceedings to identify gaps in their background knowledge, then use individual research and peer tutoring to fill those gaps.

Kevin L. Novins
University of Auckland
Department of Computer Science
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1020 New Zealand

Mathematics and Geometry Education With Collaborative Augmented Reality
Tuesday, 23 July
11:10 - 11:40 am
Room 205

The augmented reality application Construct3D is a three-dimensional geometric construction tool specifically designed for mathematics and geometry education. This paper describes efforts to develop a system for improving spatial abilities.

Hannes Kaufmann
Technische Universität Wien
Favoritenstrasse 9-11/188/2
Vienna A-1040 Austria

Dieter Schmalstieg
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Assignment: Scene Graphs in Introductory Computer Graphics Courses
Wednesday, 24 July
10:30 - 11 am
Room 205

A how-to guide for including scene graphs in introductory computer graphics courses, this paper summarizes possible scene-graph-specific student exercises and teaching tips.

Dennis J. Bouvier
Saint Louis University
3450 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, Missouri 77059 USA

Building Computer Graphics Education in Developing African Countries
Wednesday, 24 July
11:10 - 11:40 am
Room 205

The challenges encountered in building a computer graphics program in a developing country and how they are being addressed in the southern African context.

Sampson D. Asare
University of Botswana
Private Bag 0022
Gaborone, Botswana 00220

Petros M. Mashwama
University of Swaziland

Steve Cunningham
California State University, Stanislaus

Macromedia Flash in Physics Education: ASPIRE's Interactive Online Labs and Lessons
Wednesday, 24 July
2:10 - 2:40 pm
Room 205

Flash helps middle school science teachers and students visualize and experience a hands-on virtual lab, where young scientists can explore our universe.

Julie Callahan
University of Utah
115 South 1400 East Room 201
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105 USA

Charles C.H. Jui
University of Utah

The VERTEX Project: Exploring the Creative Use of Shared 3D Virtual Worlds in the Primary (K-12) Classroom
Wednesday, 24 July
2:45 - 3:15 pm
Room 205

Based in three UK schools, VERTEX involves young children in design and construction of their own virtual world and considers the role this technology can play as a creative, cross-curricula learning tool.

Fiona Bailey
Trent Park
Bramley Road
London N14 4YZ United Kingdom

Magnus Moar
Middlesex University

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