7: Introducing X3D

Sunday, Full Day
8:30 am – 5:15 pm
Room 205
CAL/Room 214CD

X3D (eXtensible 3D graphics) is the open standard for interactive 3D graphics on the World Wide Web. X3D uses current web standards and technologies to describe 3D shapes, textures, animation, and interactivity viewable in a browser. Participants build their own world using X3D-Edit and leave this course with the basic knowledge to begin using the tools and libraries to build their own 3D worlds.

Basic knowledge of 3D computer graphics such as that provided by SIGGRAPH's introductory course. Basic understanding of the World Wide Web. Beginners knowledge of XML and VRML is helpful, but not required.

Basics of Web-based 3D graphics with a focus on X3D. Fundamentals of X3D specification, profiles, animation, tools and authoring. X3D Software Development Kit (SDK) is used to demonstrate X3D authoring.

Leonard Daly
Daly Realism

Don Brutzman
Naval Postgraduate School

Leonard Daly
Daly Realism

Nicholas Polys
VirtuWorlds LLC

Joe D. Williams


Module 1 – X3D Overview, Syntax, and Tools
8:30 Overview
9:00 XML Syntax and Profiles (Williams)
Authoring Tools
10:15 Break
Module 2 – X3D SDK & Authoring
10:30 Software Development Kit
11:30 Basic Authoring X3D
12:15 Lunch
Module 3 – Building X3D Worlds
1:30 Using X3D Nodes (Hands-on)
3:15 Break
Module 4 - Building X3D Worlds (continued)
3:30 Building X3D Worlds (Hands-on)
5:10 Show, Review & Discussion

Additional information from SIGGRAPH 2002 Courses is available in the Course Notes

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