57: NURBS (NonUniform Rational B-Splines): A Primer

Wednesday, Half Day
1:30 – 5:15 pm
Room 006AB

A working knowledge of the underlying mathematics of NURBS is provided. Approaching the topic from an engineering point of view, this course focuses on the fundamental principles required to understand and develop a fast rational B-spline (NURBS) surface algorithm.

College algebra and plane geometry are useful. Some programming experience or experience using Bèzier, B-Spline, or NURBS packages is useful.

David F. Rogers
U.S. Naval Academy


1:30 Bézier and B-Spline Curves
-The Genesis of NURBS
-Bézier Curves
-B-Spline Curves
-General Questions
2:30 Advanced B-Spline Curves
-Rational B-spline Curves (NURBS)
-General Questions
3:15 Break
3:30 Bézier and B-Spline Surfaces
-Bézier Surfaces
-B-Spline Surfaces

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