53: Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Digital Rights Management for Computer Graphics

Wednesday, Tutorial
10:30 am – 12:15 pm
Room 006AB

This second course in the policy sequence gives computer graphics practitioners, developers, and researchers an in-depth look at the growing conflicts between owners and users of intellectual property.

Introduction to the Impact of Public Policy on Computer Graphics (Tuesday, 8:30 – 10:15 am) or equivalent knowledge. The tutorial assumes a fundamental understanding of public policy, its effect on our professional lives, and how it is effected and affected.

The concerns of owners and users of intellectual property, the origins of intellectual property rights and copyright, current laws regarding copyright (national and international), the tension between copyright and free speech, digital-rights-management (DRM) systems, implications of the use of DRM, and possible responses (from individuals, ACM, and ACM SIGGRAPH).

Robert Ellis

Dan Burk
University of Minnesota

Robert Ellis

Barbara Simons
Stanford University


10:30 Copyright Overview
10:40 Copyright Basics
10:55 Copyright in Digital Media
11:10 Digital Rights Management Systems
11:25 Implications of the Use of Digital Rights Management Systems
11:45 Actions/Discussion
Burk and Simons

Additional information from SIGGRAPH 2002 Courses is available in the Course Notes

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