52: Advanced Virtual Medicine: Techniques and Applications for Virtual Endoscopy

Wednesday, Tutorial
10:30 am – 12:15 pm
Room 217BCD

Virtual endoscopy is among the most active topics in virtual medicine and medical imaging. It focuses on training, planning, and diagnosis from view-points inside the body without an actual invasive procedure. This tutorial covers concepts used in current systems in research and how they might be applied to daily health-care practice.

Basic understanding of 3D graphics, visualization, and medical imaging technology.

Introduction of fundamental techniques from data acquisition, pre-processing, visualization, and navigation. Actual virtual endoscopy applications and systems. Brief introduction to related medical problems and indications of virtual endoscopy for non-medical attendees.

Dirk Bartz
Universität Tübingen


10:30 Introduction
Examples of Virtual Endoscopy
10:55 Foundations
- Medical Imaging Techniques
- Data-Preprocessing
- Visualization and Navigation Techniques
11:55 Available Systems
-Advantages and Limitations of Virtual Endoscopy
-Questions + Answers

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