50: Image Processing for Volume Graphics

Tuesday, Full Day
8:30 am – 5:15 pm
Room 007CD

This course explores the essential tools and techniques for processing volume data as part of rendering and visualization. It examines several aspects in depth: mathematical foundations of volume image processing, transfer function management, wavelets, shape modeling, and level-set techniques. Attendees are invited to bring their questions about their most difficult volume datasets.

Basic knowledge of 3D computer graphics and an understanding of the basic principles of image processing.

The mathematics of the elements of effective volume visualizations and the processes by which they are created. Emerging topics in volume-data processing including level sets, shape extraction using adaptive implicit systems, and model-based segmentation.

Terry S. Yoo
National Institutes of Health

Guido Gerig
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Gordon Kindlmann
Ross Whitaker
University of Utah

Raghu Machiraju
The Ohio State University

Torsten Möller
Simon Fraser University

Terry S. Yoo
National Institutes of Health

Module 1 – Foundations of Filtering
8:30 Welcome and Overview
8:40 Filtering and Frequency Fundamentals
9:00 Sampling, Interpolation, and Filter Design
10:15 Break
Module 2 – Transfer Functions and Feature Detection
10:30 Transfer Function: Design and Management
11:45 Feature Extraction
12:15 Lunch
Module 3 – Wavelets and Shape Models
1:30 Wavelets for Graphics and Visualization
2:15 Model Based Segmentation
3:15 Break
Module 4 – Deformable Implicit Surfaces and Level Sets
3:30 Deformable Implicit Surfaces
4:00 Level Sets

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