4: Multidimensional Visualization With Applications to Multivariate Problems

Sunday, Half Day
1:30 – 5:15 pm
Room 205

Multidimensional perception is limited by our experience within our three-dimensional environment. This course begins with a short literature review of the mathematical foundations of parallel coordinates for visualization of multidimensional geometry. When these coordinates are interlaced with a variety of applications, visualization and recognition of multidimensional relations from their patterns are enabled, and this methodology can be applied to multivariate problems.

This is a self-contained course for beginners. Mathematical sophistication, familiarity with computer graphics and interest in multidimensional (multivariate) problems are helpful but not necessary.

Visualization of multidimensional objects without loss of information. Selected applications to visual and automatic data mining (financial, process control, biomedical, military, and other examples with hundreds of variables). Collision-avoidance Algorithms. Computer vision. Non-linear models. Decision-support Systems with occasional numerological anecdotes and palindromic digressions.

Alfred Inselberg
Tel Aviv University


1:30 Introduction to Multidimensional Visualization
2:00 Parallel Coordinates in 2D + Data Mining Applications on Real Multivariate Datasets
2:35 Multidimensional Lines & Applications -- Automatic Collision Avoidance Algorithms + One-shot Problem -- Demos & Animations
3:15 Break
3:30 Exact and Approximated Planes and Hyperplanes -- Applications to Computer Vision and Geometric Modeling -- Automated Data Mining
4:30 Surfaces and Hypersurfaces -- Interior Point Algorithm -- Application to Decision Support, Feasible Points, Sensitivity and Trade-Off Analysis and Non-Linear Visual Modeling

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