35: Super-Size It! Scaling Up to Massive Virtual Worlds

Monday, Full Day
8:30 am – 5:15 pm
Room 007CD

We're now building virtual worlds that are too large to comprehend: too many entities, commanded by too many players, filling too large a space, run across too many networks. This course describes popular approaches to ameliorating the indigestion common to these tremendously complex artificial spaces. It focuses on issues related to very-large-terrain spaces, interaction and collision among thousands of entities, scaling artificially intelligent behavior, and managing thousands of networked actors.

Some familiarity with the course topics: collision, rendering, artificial intelligence, and networking.

The major issues that must be managed in very complex, interactive virtual worlds with thousands of entities: interacting with large-terrain datasets; communications among many entities and users; simulation of intelligence; physical interactions among many entities; semantic interactions among many entities.

Michael Capps
Naval Postgraduate School

Michael Capps
Don McGregor
Naval Postgraduate School

Stephen Chenney
University of Wisconsin

David Holmes
Numerical Design Limited

Jesse Schell
Walt Disney Imagineering

Marek Teichmann
Critical Mass Labs, Inc.

Thatcher Ulrich
Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc.

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