32: Stuart Little 2: Let the Feathers Fly

Monday, Full Day
8:30 am – 5:15 pm
Ballroom A

An in-depth look into the creation of the live-action feature film "Stuart Little 2." The course emphasizes lessons learned from the first "Stuart Little" and new techniques used in the sequel, including those required to create the film's digital birds and their CG environments.

Intermediate understanding of 3D modeling and rendering terms and techniques. Exposure to Pixar's Photorealistic RenderMan shading language and procedural geometry techniques is helpful but not required. Some familiarity with 2D compositing terms and techniques is useful.

Visual effects production process, character design, character animation, digital cinematography, CG fur, CG feathers, CG clothing, CG environments and props, effects animation and rendering, compositing, digital film finishing, production pipeline optimization.

Rob Engle
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Eric Armstrong
Rob Bredow
Jerome Chen
Rob Engle
Jay K. Redd
Pete Travers
Sony Pictures Imageworks

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