21: A Field Guide to Digital Color

Monday, Half Day
8:30 am – 12:15 pm
River Room 001

A survey of color disciplines relevant to computer graphics, from color vision to color design, that provides a clear overview of the world of digital color, plus pointers to in-depth references on a wide range of color topics.

This course should be accessible to all SIGGRAPH attendees who understand basic scientific and mathematical presentation (simple graphs, diagrams, and equations).

Color vision and perception, color image reproduction, color modeling and rendering, and tools for design and selection of colors in various applications, followed by real-world examples from Rhythm & Hues of these topics applied to the design of visual effects and computer animation.

Maureen Stone
StoneSoup Consulting

Pauline Ts'o
Rhythm & Hues


Module 1: Modeling, Perceiving and Reproducing Color
8:30 Vision and Appearance
9:15 Color Reproduction and Management
9:45 Color Models: Natural and Simulated
10:15 Break
Module 2: Color in Graphics and Design
10:30 Color in Graphics Systems
10:45 Color Selection and Design
11:15 Color at Rhythm & Hues

Additional information from SIGGRAPH 2002 Courses is available in the Course Notes

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