19: Panic-Free Public Speaking

Monday, Tutorial
3:30-5:15 pm
Room 206

This tutorial teaches nervous speakers how to manage speech anxiety and how to transform their unproductive "panic" energy into constructive enthusiasm and self control. Tips on preparation and delivery will also be given.

No formal prerequisite, but the tutorial benefits anyone who is presenting a course or a paper, participating in a panel, or introducing or chairing a session at SIGGRAPH 2002.

New ways of viewing the activity of public speaking. Tips for developing a smooth physical presentation. An anxiety reduction technique that uses your physiological processes to balance your overcharged nervous system and your apprehensive mind. Reducing panic by being prepared. Braving the Q & A.

Barbara Morris

Barbara Morris

Charles Poynton

3:30 Managing Speech Anxiety
4:30 Preparation and Delivery
5:00 Questions and Answers

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