Career Center job posting services are free of charge for SIGGRAPH 2002 exhibitors. Non-exhibitors must pay a $600 service fee. A discounted fee for qualified not-for-profit organizations is available.

All job postings are mounted on bulletin boards, which can be as creative as you like within a few simple guidelines:
  • Job posting copy cannot exceed 22 inches x 24 inches. The size limitation is strictly enforced.
  • The SIGGRAPH 2002 name and logo cannot appear on the posting.
  • Materials should be easy to hang on a bulletin board with push pins, or they should include hanging accessories.
  • Job postings are not accepted on disk or via email. Printed postings must be provided.


SIGGRAPH 2002 attendees can review job postings and request that Career Center staff forward their résumés and/or demo reels to specific companies. This service is only offered for companies that have agreed to accept résumés, which will be indicated on their postings. If a company agrees to accept résumés through this service, it is responsible for picking up any résumés that have been left for at the end of each day. Résumés that are not picked up by the end of each day are discarded. If a company representative will not be available to pick up collected résumés, please let the Career Center staff know and a "NOT Accepting Résumés in Career Center" sticker will be applied to your posting. Résumés can be mailed to companies if prior arrangements are made with Career Center staff.


Companies can schedule up to two hours per day in private interview rooms. Interview sign-up sheets are available in the Career Center beginning Sunday, 21 July. A VHS VCR and monitor is available in each interview room to view demo tapes during interviews. Once a block of time has been reserved in an interview room, the Career Center staff can assist in setting up open or closed interviews.


Participating companies can distribute information in the Career Center. Each company will have a "mailbox" where attendees can collect information. Companies will be responsible for replenishing supplies. The information cannot exceed 8 inches x 11 inches in size and can only include information on the participating company (information on subsidiaries or parent companies may not be included).


SIGGRAPH 2002 offers direct links from the Career Center list of participating companies. The links must be to company pages that list job opportunities, not to general company information. Anyone visiting the Career Center section of the SIGGRAPH 2002 Web page will have the option of linking to your company's job postings on the Web.


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