The SIGGRAPH 2002 Art Gallery celebrates the creative spirit by taking a look "behind the scenes" at the process of creating digital and electronic fine art. This year, the gallery highlights the process that generates the work, demonstrating how the digital artist creates.

Attendees experience the innovative examples of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, interactive, and installation work submitted by the international computer graphics community. Some works represent traditional forms such as print or sculpture while others push the boundaries of Web communication and interactive spaces.

Through sketches, diagrams, video documentation, Web documentation, and discussions, more than 70 artists reveal the magic behind their work. The artworks show excellence in innovation and artistic talent, document creative thought, illustrate the working process, and explain the use of the computer or electronics in the piece. The six papers place process in a theoretical and cultural context.

In a new collaboration, the Art Gallery and the Studio feature seven artists in working studio, where they create art using Studio facilities. The goal is to make the creative process visible. Attendees watch the work develop, talk with the artists, and (perhaps) make art themselves.






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Complete documentation of the SIGGRAPH 2002 Art Gallery: SIGGRAPH 2002 Electronic Art and Animation Catalog

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