The SIGGRAPH Sketches & Applications program is a series of short presentations by authors of new and novel ideas, methods, or uses of computer graphics and interactive techniques. The program, at first glance, resembles the Papers program, but it is very different. Sketches & Applications are presentations, not publications. The jury process is more informal, and the deadline for submission is much later in the year, to pull in the latest, cutting-edge work. We look for new research, works in progress, and novel applications of computer graphics that will excite the imagination of our community.
The SIGGRAPH 2002 Sketches & Applications program encourages presentations from researchers, developers, and artists from all fields. We especially encourage presentations from fields not generally associated with the SIGGRAPH conference. Sketches & Applications is an excellent program for introducing SIGGRAPH 2002 atttendees to new applications of graphics techniques. We encourage submissions from computer games, computer vision, artificial intelligence, economics, mathematics, physics, sociology, agriculture ... anything! As long as you present a novel use of computer graphics or interactive techniques, we want to hear from you. (Unfortunately, people working in these diverse fields may not have heard of SIGGRAPH. Please help by letting your non-SIGGRAPH friends know about the sketches program!)
Presenters are expected to give a 15-20 minute talk followed by a 5-10 minute question and answer period. This year, we will have the ability to hold presentations in the Creative Applications Lab, so if you are able to tailor your presentation toward audience participation, let us know. Also, we encourage Sketches & Applications from individuals who have been accepted in Emerging Technologies. Sketches & Applications is a perfect forum for talking about the details of your project.
SIGGRAPH 2002 Sketches & Applications Chair
Digital Domain

Submissions were due:
13 March 2002


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