Pathfinders is a volunteer conference mentoring program dedicated to improving the conference experience through the wisdom and support of experienced conference attendees.

  • Volunteer with a minimal time commitment.
  • Share your experiences with others.
  • Think of it as a simple way to give something back.

Invigorating, stimulating, exciting, intriguing: these are all words that can easily be used to describe one's experience at the annual SIGGRAPH conference. The experience can also be hectic, overwhelming, staggering, mind-numbing.
Over the years, the conference has grown, and so has the number of attendees. There are so many possible ways to spend time. Some programs present visual, tangible results. Others present ideas, concepts, and theories. With all that SIGGRAPH 2002 has to offer, forming a strategy to get the most out of the conference takes time and resources.
Our conference has a strong volunteer tradition. If your time is limited, and you are unable to work on a committee or submit your work to other programs, consider giving some of your time to Pathfinders. Think of it as a simple way to give something back to the conference that offers so much to all of us.
Would you be willing to spend an hour or two to share your sense of what SIGGRAPH 2002 has to offer? Let us help you share your experiences with others. Share the legacy. Be a part of Pathfinders. Your time and knowledge will be greatly appreciated.
If you wish to apply for the Pathfinders Committee, please fill out the online SIGGRAPH Conference Volunteer Form.

SIGGRAPH 2002 Pathfinders Chair
Northwest Vista College

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