Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out if I need a visa to attend SIGGRAPH 2002?
The U.S. Department of State Web site is the best place to look: Visa Services
I need an invitation letter to apply for a visa. How can I request one?
You should send your request via the SIGGRAPH 2002 email contact form. Be sure to provide the following information:
Postal code
Passport Number
Fax Number (optional)
What support can the international attendee or contributor receive for translation service?
Several members of the International Resources Committee will arrive early in San Antonio and provide translation services for setup purposes. During the conference week, Student Volunteers fluent in many languages are available to translate for questions and problems that may arise for attendees. The students are not available as interpreters for Courses, Papers, Panels, and other presentations.
I would like to meet the International Resources Committee member from my country. How can I arrange a meeting with this person?
Each member's agenda will be available at the International Center. Please ask the International Center managers to book a meeting for you.
How can I find out if other attendees from my country are at SIGGRAPH 2002?
Prior to the conference, your local ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter may be able to help you. See the Chapters Directory. During the conference, the International Center is a good meeting place. You might want to leave a message on the Message Board.
Is there an area in the International Center to hold interviews with the press?
Yes. To reserve the area for an interview, please contact the International Center managers in advance.
I have a laptop with a wireless network card. Will I be able to connect myself to the Internet at the Los Angeles Convention Center?
802.11b-compliant wireless will be available in specific locations of the convention center, including a few public areas. Information will be available at the conference on how to connect to the wireless network and coverage areas.
I'm a Student Volunteer working 35 hours so I receive complimentary accommodation. I will arrive a day early at the conference. Can I get extra accommodation?
No. If you are concerned about expenses, remember that Travel Grants are available. See Student Volunteer Travel Grants.
I'm flying internationally; how early should I leave for the San Antonio airport when I depart?
Most airlines require that you check in two hours in advance for international flights. You should contact your airline for more specific information.
This is my first trip to the SIGGRAPH conference. How do I figure out what to attend?
Pathfinders is what you are looking for. Pathfinders volunteers help new attendees arrange appropriate, productive, and fun experiences at the conference.

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