What is GraphicsNet?
GraphicsNet is the electronic backbone of the SIGGRAPH conference. Its high-bandwidth infrastructure delivers network access to every machine in the convention center and distributes everything from email to very large graphics files, multi-media streams, and Web content.
Why is GraphicsNet?
Network technology is evolving rapidly, and the annual SIGGRAPH technical programs take advantage of some of the newest networking technologies, from wireless to broadcast video over fiber and gigabit transfers of scientific visualization data. GraphicsNet also builds and oversees the conference's Internet Access Rooms. GraphicsNet carries it all!
Who is GraphicsNet?
GraphicsNet is a small, dedicated team of volunteers that will engineer, deploy, and manage the conference network for SIGGRAPH 2002. If you would like to become part of the team, please contact Joe via the SIGGRAPH 2002 email contact form.

SIGGRAPH 2002 GraphicsNet Chair
WorldServer, Inc. and Purdue University CADLAB

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