The Educators Program is the premier venue for highlighting the processes, techniques, and technologies that are critical for educating future pioneers, practitioners, and visionaries in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Contributions should focus on computer graphics at all levels, including those who use computer graphics as a teaching tool and those who teach computer graphics as a branch of learning.
This SIGGRAPH 2002 program focuses on bringing together educators from various levels and disciplines who share a unique affinity for computer graphics and interactive techniques. Whether you use computer graphics to teach your discipline, or you teach computer graphics as a discipline, the Educators Program is where you can highlight how you are using or teaching computer graphics in the classroom.
The Educators Program provides several opportunities for you to present your work:
  • Present a paper on educational or project-based research results
  • Participate in a panel to present points of agreement and disagreement concerning teaching approaches, methods, or strategies
  • Take the opportunity to teach others a unique technique, tool, or process in a traditional lecture-style workshop or in a hands-on, computer-based workshop in the Creative Applications Lab or the Studio.
  • Or, take the ultimate challenge and propose a forum topic that can be discussed openly among conference attendees

The choice is yours, but the opportunities are endless. No matter which program is right for you, come join us at the 2002 Educators Program to see the latest computer graphics and interactive techniques for teaching and learning.

SIGGRAPH 2002 Educators Program Chair
Purdue University

Submissions were due:
9 January 2002


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