What is the Creative Applications Lab?
The SIGGRAPH 2002 Creative Applications Lab (CAL) is an interactive learning facility that showcases and expands the conference programs. Content contributors can use the CAL to:
  • Engage and facilitate the learning experience of SIGGRAPH 2002 attendees
  • Enhance knowledge and skills through training and development courses, specialized workshops, and organized focus-group sessions

The CAL is the place where SIGGRAPH 2002 builds an interactive environment with computers, related hardware, software, and presentation technology in classroom, interactive workshops, or lab environments -- configurations that can be used to display and demonstrate technologies that augment your content.
A highly skilled team of volunteers with a broad range of professional experience will support contributors' activities and install and maintain the software and hardware infrastructure of the CAL. This team will partner with contributors to provide a first-class interactive working environment for SIGGRAPH 2002 attendees.
Who participates in the CAL?

Presenters from Courses, Web Graphics, and the Educators Program.
What should I submit to the CAL?
Content or presentations that require the unique CAL facilities and that are best served through an interactive environment.
How do I submit my work to the CAL?
When you complete a submission & authorization form for another SIGGRAPH 2002 program, check the box that indicates that you would like to present your work in the CAL. If your work is accepted, the CAL committee will contact you to discuss how your work can be presented.
The CAL is dependent on the generosity of the computer graphics industry for hardware and software that supports the lab's facilities and services. If you feel that you can contribute to the CAL, please contact: Tony Baylis.
Presenter Recognition
A summary of what you will receive if your work is accepted by SIGGRAPH 2002.

SIGGRAPH 2002 Creative Applications Lab Chair
National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



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