Studio Equipment

As in previous years, The Studio provides hands-on access to a wide array of software and hardware. Working Artists selected in the combined Art Gallery and Studio jurying process will have first choice of the full palette of equipment and processes available.
Important Note
Because The Studio's equipment is dependent upon donations from developers and commercial vendors, it is too early to specify exactly what resources will be available at SIGGRAPH 2002. This summary is based on previous Studio configurations.
SIGGRAPH 2001 Donors
The 2D section of The Studio is designed to introduce participants to the world of 2D output. It includes an array of some 24 Macintosh computers that are color-calibrated and color-matched to a bank of large-format printers from a variety of top manufacturers. Color management training is provided by professional master printers. The following 2D processes are supported:

  • Piezography BW (Black & White Printing
    Learn how to prepare and output amazing black-and-white prints in this section of The Studio, where attendees are introduced to Piezography BW, a new software-and-ink combination that allows artists and photographers to create high-resolution, large-dynamic-range, black-anmd-white inkjet prints. Participants are introduced to concepts like input, resolution requirements, and output options.
  • Lenticular Imaging, 3D and Anaglyph
    Sign up to work with software that allows creation of "3D" images with lenticular screens or anaglyph (red-blue 3D glasses). Images with "motion" are also possible. Learn how to produce the most dramatic effects with this system.
  • Make Art
    In the 2D Make Art Section, digital fine art becomes a reality. Attendees are introduced to a variety of different input, digital art creation, and output possibilities. Various scanners, image-editing software, and desktop printers are available. The Creativity Center, a hands-on area within The Studio, offers a variety of traditional media to combine with your digital print.
  • Large-Format Printing
    All initial output will be on desktop inkjet printers, with a 16 x 20 maximum output available. Output for each session will be judged at the end of each day by The Studio committee,-and selected prints will be allowed a large format output on the participant's choice of available printers. Access to the large-format printers will be reserved for those attendees whose work is selected by The Studio committee.

Submissions must be received by: 6 February 2002, 5 pm Pacific time.
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