Installations, Sculptures, Virtual Environments, Site-Specific, and Performance Guidelines

All pieces that require space in three dimensions.
All submissions must include:

  • Title, size, medium, and date of the final artwork.
  • Process documentation. Process can be shown in a number of ways, including but not limited to: sketches, drawings, storyboards, statements, audio tapes, videotapes, floor diagrams, technical diagrams, conceptual diagrams, interactive pipelines, installations with "clear panels" that allow attendees to see equipment, etc. Process will be shown in juxtaposition to the final artwork. It must be organized for presentation (as presentable as the artwork itself). Submissions must include a slide, videotape, audio tape, or sample print materials that would be displayed in the gallery. A low-resolution image of your process must be uploaded with your submission form.
    Examples of Process
  • Publishable artist's statement of 400 words or less.
  • Publishable technical statement of 400 words or less. This statement is a publishable explanation of how digital or electronic technology was involved in the piece.
  • Visual support. Artists must supply slide documentation and/or NTSC video documentation of work.
  • All slides must be labeled with: Your name, title of the piece, medium, size, date, and submission ID number. You will receive your submission ID number when you complete the online submission & authorization form. Please indicate "TOP" and put a red dot in the lower left corner. Please use thin plastic slide mounts. Slides of details must be labeled as details. Number slides to correspond with your printed and enclosed slide list.
  • Videotapes should be labeled with your name, title of the piece, date, running time, and submission number. Enclose a printed video description list detailing what we will see on the video. CD-ROMs and DVDs will not be accepted unless they are actual content in the work itself.
  • Quantity: You may submit up to one piece per submission & authorization form. All works from a single artist or team of collaborators must be submitted on ONE form, not multiple forms. Only one artist or team of collaborators per submission form.
  • Enclose a diagram of space and equipment requirements.
  • Each piece must supply one slide for publication.
  • Artists should submit ONE representative image of each piece via the online submission process. This online submission MUST be in the .jpg file format at 72 dpi and no bigger than 360 x 243 pixels OR five inches by three inches OR 257K. Larger images may be rejected by the online submission system. Do NOT submit high-resolution images under any circumstance. You must still mail us slides for review and possible publication.
  • Your submission materials will be available at the art gallery office during SIGGRAPH 2002. Materials will not be returned by mail.
  • Artists will receive notification of acceptance by email in early March. Please check your email.

Art Gallery Installations, Sculptures, Virtual Environments, Site-Specific, and Performance Submission & Authorization Form
Submitters located outside of the United States should note that customs delays of up to two weeks could occur. All labels should bear the words: "Educational material with no commercial value." SIGGRAPH 2002 will not pay any fees, duties, or tariffs incurred by your submission.
All submissions will be judged by a panel of jurors. Artwork will be reviewed shortly after the submission deadline, and notification of acceptance will be emailed in early March.
Upon Acceptance
Contributing artists are responsible for the following upon acceptance:
1. For installations, performance, and other site-specific work, artists must arrive at SIGGRAPH 2002 with all the necessary equipment and staff and have such equipment fully installed and functional by 21 July 2002. Note: SIGGRAPH 2002 cannot be responsible for shipping charges. Artists must provide adequate operations and technical-support personnel to maintain full operation of their projects for up to six full days. Equipment must be dismantled and removed on 26 July 2002. Artists will be notified of specific shipping instructions upon acceptance.
2. Artists must pay shipping costs and insure work to and from the shipping destination.
3. Artists must accept responsibility for travel and lodging of all persons associated with their project.
4. Artists must guarantee that all contributors are legally authorized to submit materials for publication and presentation.

Submissions must be received by: 6 February 2002, 5 pm Pacific time.
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