Frequently Asked Questions
I have a great piece, but no process. Will you accept my work?
No. For this particular exhibition, artists must show both process and product.

Installations, Etc.
Does SIGGRAPH 2002 have funding to ship my equipment to the conference?

If I show my work at SIGGRAPH 2002, will I have to monitor my equipment?

Most artists with complex interface equipment do so, yes.
I am a bit unclear about the number of works and slides that are to be submitted with the form. Are you saying that I can submit only three works of art per form?
You may submit three RELATED works under one form. In other words, your artist statement would apply to all three works. An example would be three images in a series. If the work is unrelated or needs a separate artist statement, then you need a new form. For example, if you are submitting one image and one interactive program or two images that require different statements. You may submit up to three different forms.
Can I submit only two slides per work of art, one slide of the piece and one detail of that piece of art?
Yes, you may optionally submit a detail. But you must submit a duplicate of the slide of the piece. This is for publication purposes.
Are there alternatives to 35mm slides? I have image files, and can provide high-quality prints, but I have no way to output to film.
Sorry, but we can only accept production-ready 35mm slides for review and publication of accepted artworks. We just don't have the time or resources to review all different types of medi and formats during the jury meeting.
I would like to submit an interactive online artwork for the Art Gallery. Would it be possible to submit only the URL?
Sorry, we can not accept just the URL for an interactive submission. You may, however, submit your work on video or disc as outlined in Installations, Sculptures, Virtual Environments, Site-Specific, and Performance Guidelines.
Mounting and Framing
I was going to mount my work. Do you have any recommendations.
For oversized c-prints or similar output, some artists prefer their work hinge-mounted, some cold-mounted on aluminum. If you go with the hinge, it will inevitably warp a little. Cold mounting ensures that the print lies flat, but it is a dicey job, so expert framers all appear to have the same policy: they'll cold mount it ONLY if they also output it. (I think because if they screw up, they can always output it again.) It is wise to have them professionally frame your work while they have it.
I have an over-sized work that I just want push-pinned to the wall. Is this acceptable? How should I send it?
If this is for your process work, this is acceptable. It is suggested that artists who send large works wrap them around a sturdy tube, bubblewrap that assembly, and put it in a larger tube or triangular box. If this is for your final artwork, we require that it be professionally framed and sent.


Submissions must be received by: 6 February 2002, 5 pm Pacific time.
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