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Author Instructions - Supplemental Materials

Congratulations on having your material accepted to a program at the ACM SIGGRAPH annual conference. This document will help you to properly prepare and deliver your supplemental material for inclusion on an appropriate ACM SIGGRAPH CD-ROM publication. Please read this entire document.

If you've got any questions about how to format your material, please contact Stephen Spencer by email at or by telephone at (206) 616-3281 (8am-4pm Pacific time).

Supplemental Material
You are welcome to submit additional files which can supplement your material's presentation and understanding: images, animations, HTML or VRML presentations, source code, and the like are all considered "supplemental" material and will be placed, space permitting, on the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Abstracts and Applications or Electronic Art and Animation Catalog CD-ROM.

The deadline for delivery of your supplemental material is 18 May 2001. This is a firm deadline.

You can make your supplemental material available via Web or FTP, or by sending a CD-R containing the files. Once prepared, your material should be sent to:

Stephen Spencer
ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Publications
University of Washington
114 Sieg Hall, Box 352350
Seattle, WA 98195-2350
(206) 616-3281

or made available online and an email address sent to describing the material to be downloaded and its location.

ACM SIGGRAPH conference CD-ROMs are hybrid Macintosh / ISO-9660 CD-ROM with Joliet extensions. Filenames of up to thirty-two characters in length, and of mixed case, are acceptable. Please do not use spaces in file or folder names.

TIFF images are preferred, though GIF and JPEG images are acceptable. Images should not be compressed (LZW or otherwise).

Animations should be submitted as Cinepak- or Sorenson-compressed Quicktime files. MPEG files are also acceptable. Uncompressed animation files are not acceptable.

HTML presentations are accepted, with the following caveats:

  • your presentation should not rely on external resources for images or navigation elements,
  • the filenames of your presentation must match the filenames used in hyperlinks, both in spelling and in case.

PDF (Adobe Acrobat) documents are also acceptable as supplemental material.

If you wish to include instructions or documentation for the end user, please place this information in a plain text file called "readme.usr" with the rest of your material.

If you have other types of material you'd like to submit as supplemental material, please contact me and we can discuss the best way to include it on the CD-ROM.

Please follow the instructions for preparation of supplemental material. Material that does not conform to these guidelines in particular, attention to file naming and case guidelines may not be included on the CD-ROM. Material may also be left off the CD-ROM at the editor's discretion, to allow more equitable representation of the submitted material.