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Conference Exhibition Call for Participation Exhibitors Media Search | Site Map

Course schedules are very important to attendees and are utilized throughout the week of the conference. Please send your Course schedule in the body of an email to Katie Rylander at by 7 May 2001.

Course schedules are utilized for the following purposes:


  1. Submitted with a copy of the printed version of the Course Notes.
2. Included in the Program and Buyer's Guide, which attendees receive onsite at the conference.
3. Shown in signage or slides presented at the individual Course Session.
When preparing the course schedule, please keep in mind the start and ending times along with the breaks throughout the day that will need to be scheduled around:

Course Timetables
AM half-day course timetable is: 8:30 AM - Noon
PM half-day course timetable is: l:30 - 5 PM
Full-day course timetable is: 8:30 AM - 5 PM

Break Schedules
Morning Break: 10 - 10:15 AM
Lunch Break: Noon - 1:30 PM
Afternoon Break: 3 - 3:15 PM


A course schedule should consist of:



* course title and course number
* general description of topics to be covered
* start time for each topic
* speaker's last name (s) for each topic

Sample half-day schedules:

Course Title: Volume Graphics
Course Number: 41 Schedule
8:30 Introduction to Volume Graphics - Kaufman
9:30 Volume Sampling and Voxelization - Sramek
10 Break
10:15 Distance Volumes - Gibson
11:15 Volume Modeling and Medical Applications - Lorensen

Course Title: Rendering and Visualization in Parallel Environments
Course Number: 1 Schedule
1:30 Introduction - Bartz
1:35 Personal Workstations - Schneider
2:05 Technical Workstations - Bartz
2:35 Parallel Programming - Bartz
3 Break
3:15 Parallel Polygonal Rendering - Schneider
4:10 Parallel Volume Rendering - Silva
4:55 Questions and Answers - Barz/Schneider/Silva

Sample full-day schedule:
  Course Title: Introduction to Computer Graphics
Course Number: 18 Schedule
8:30 Welcome and Overview - Bailey
9 Modeling for Rendering and Animation - Glassner
10 Break
10:15 Rendering - Glassner
11:15 Graphics Display Hardware - Lathrop
Noon Lunch
1:30 Animation - Glassner
2:15 Geometry or Computer Graphics - Bailey
3 Break
3:15 Input Devices - Bailey
3:30 Graphics on the World Wide Web - Bailey
4 Virtual Reality - Lathrop
4:30 Finding Additional Information - Bailey
4:45 General Answers and Questions - All