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What's the best way for your organization to meet these challenges that are reshaping the technology in computer graphics and interactive techniques? SIGGRAPH 2001!
SIGGRAPH 2001 is the world's premier marketplace of computer graphics and interactive techniques and is your best opportunity to demonstrate your products in front of the people who make buying decisions while at SIGGRAPH 2001 - the decisions they must make now to stay ahead.
40,000 executives, animators, game developers, engineers, artists, and others from around the world will be at SIGGRAPH 2001. It is the cutting-edge technology that drives SIGGRAPH. The educational opportunities of discovery are of the highest caliber and are unlike any other trade show of its kind, which is why it attracts the world computer graphics community. They'll be looking for the latest technology, solutions, ideas, and they will be looking to make buying decisions. All of which adds up to a quality selling opportunity you can't afford to miss, especially in these times, when your future is just around the corner!
Los Angeles: At the Heart of Computer Graphics
The audience always climbs to record proportions when SIGGRAPH takes place in Los Angeles. In 1999, SIGGRAPH was held in Los Angeles, and an audience of more than 40,000 made their way onto the exhibit floor!
Los Angeles: where east meets west and north meets south in a multicultural metropolis that applies the next generation of computer graphics and interactive techniques to visual effects, scientific visualization, animation, game technologies, simulation, and Internet environments.
SIGGRAPH 2001 will be the choice for the leading companies in the computer graphics industry. Make your decision now to exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2001.