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1831 Vancouver Film School
Vancouver Film School offers intense, immersion production-based training in filmmaking, new media, 3D animation, classical animation, Maya, acting, writing, and make-up for film & TV.
769 Vartec
1939 VFX Software
VFX Software is engaged in development of a high-end digital production tool for TV commercials and Feature Film named Socratto.
1433 Vicon Motion Systems
Vicon Motion Systems, a subsidiary of OMG, will perform live motion capture demonstrations utilizing award-winning MCams and the V8i, a real-time, optical motion capture system.
431 Videography Magazine/United Entertainmen
Videography's readers represent the people who shoot, light, produce, edit, animate, design, stream and create content for DVD, broadcast, corporate, cable and the Web.
1611 Viewpoint Corporation
Viewpoint Corporation is the leading provider of 3D and rich media visualization and marketing solutions for the Web, offering e-commerce, branding, and advertising solutions.
1461 Vircom Inc.
Vircom a subsidiary of Cryonetworks distribute and support the revolutionary 3D multi-user/multimedia website engine based on SCOL.
2014 Virtools SA
Create-Deploy-Experience- Game like interactivity
311 Virtue3D
Virtue3D is a leading provider of 3D delivery and rendering solutions, enabling superior and efficient 3D content and applications for on-line use.
2421 Visual Infinity, Inc.
518 Visviva Software, Inc.
Visviva Software Inc. is the developer of 2D/3D interactive multimedia authoring tools in the implementation of Corporate presentation, e-Learning, e-Training and Product demos.
2450 Vivid Group, Inc.
GX VR Systems put players' live images into games where they can interact with natural hand and body movements to control their experiences.
512 VRex, Inc.