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2011 Savannah College of Art and Design
SCAD offers BFA, MFA, MA, and MArch degrees. Computer art tracks include 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, and interactive design/game development.
850 Savannah Digital Communications
Savannah Digital Communications is a leading provider of translation services for the production of technical manuals and marketing materials for all major world markets.
1829 SBS Technologies, Inc.
High-bandwidth communications interfaces between workstations and/or embedded systems. 32-bit & 64-bit PCI expansion systems & components. Fibre Channel host bus adapters for PCI/CompactPCI/PMC.
955 Scientific Placement, Inc.
Scientific Placement is a technical recruiting firm with a focus on commercial software and hardware in the graphics, multimedia, audio, video, and animation industries nationwide.
1719 Screamline Rendering Services
Screamline Rendering Service is the professional, Web-based graphics rendering solution. We offer exceptional speed, unparalleled service and the latest project management tools.
451 Seeing Machines
Developer of faceLAB, a realtime, robust stereo camera based face and gaze tracker.
1825 Sense8
Sense8's cross-platform, real-time application development tools (worldtoolkit, worldup, world2world) simplify the complex task of creating 3D applications for PCs up to immersive Unix projection systems.
1960 SGDL Systems, Inc.
SGDL Systems provides the 3D community and its industrial users and researchers with a 3D compact language for universal and evolutive solutions.
1401 SGI
SGI is the world's leading provider of high-performance computing and visualization solutions. We enable technical and creative professionals to turn their visions into reality. www.sgi.com
1901 Silicon Grail
Silicon Grail, founded by four-time Academy Award winner Ray Feeney, develops software based compositing solutions optimized for feature film and larger format resolutions.
2068 SIMI Reality Motion Systems GmbH
3D optical motion capture software including export for common animation packages like Softimage, Maya, 3dsmax, LightWave. Allows realistic character animation and flexible, economical motion capturing.
1966 Singular Inversions
Makers of FaceGen, software and SDKs for realistic human face modelling, coding, and creation from photographs.
Founded in 1916, SMPTE is recognized around the globe as a leader in the development of standards and authoritative, consensus-based engineering guidelines.
1111 Softimage Co.
Softimage creates powerful tools for the professional digital artist. SOFTIMAGE|XSI is the premier Nonlinear Animation System enabling artists to innovate, create and collaborate.
2328 Solid Modeling Solutions
SMLib is a NURBS-based geometry modeling kernel, released in C++ source code, ideally suited for application developers who need accurate representation of complex 3D objects.
1851 Solidscape, Inc.
Manufacturer of rapid prototyping systems. Turn CAD files into solid 3D models so accurate, you can produce tooling-grade patterns ready for casting or mold making.
1006 Sonic Desktop Software
We are the makers of SmartSound and Sonicfire Pro, the leading selling soundtrack creation software for visual content creators and video editors.
1731 Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.
Imageworks is an award-winning, state-of-the-art digital production company dedicated to the art and artistry of visual effects and computer animation.
1667 Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc.
SIS provides digital video imaging systems and leading-edge software tools. These tools are used to create 3D models, animation, computer games, and reverse engineering prototypes.
2058 SpheronVR AG
High dynamic range (HDR) light sources for your rendering scene! SpheronVR presents its solution to capture full spherical HDR images in a single scan.
1018 Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.
Springer-Verlag is known for publishing essential books and journals in computer graphics, imaging, and computer vision. All books 20% off.
Square USA, Inc.
Square has lot to offer with its experience of unprecedented full length CG feature films production. Come and see us at our booth #1927.
2065 Standard Deviation LLC
1967 Steamboat Software, Inc.
Steamboat develops software and offers consulting services for the feature film, television and interactive games industries. Steamboat develops the award winning rendering package Jig.
653 StereoGraphics Corporation
StereoGraphics® manufactures Stereo3D™ visualization products, including SynthaGram™ Monitor and CrystalEyes® 3, which allow engineers, scientists and others to visualize complex data sets naturally and interactively.
2305 Stratasys Inc.
Stratasys manufactures rapid prototyping systems and 3D printers to create 3D models and prototypes from CAD drawings.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun Microsystems, Inc. is the leading provider of workstations, servers and services for technical and creative professionals.
2324 Superscape
Superscape e-Visualizer (SeV), an innovative new technology, designed specifically for the Internet, delivers high-quality, fully interactive 3D visualization through a seamless install for e-business.
1921 SynaPix
SynaPix solutions allow content creators to combine 2D imagery with CG 3D graphics and animation for film, television, industrial design, and electronic game design.