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2128 Macromedia, Inc.
Macromedia, Inc. delivers products and solutions for creating engaging and effective next-generation Web sites. Macromedia products also allow enterprises to strategically manage complex Web applications.
1058 Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.
Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. produces long-form CGI animation for TV, feature films, and interactive media. We are currently recruiting for our Vancouver studio.
818 Manex Visual Effects
Manex Visual Effects is a division of Manex Entertainment, focused on creating high-end visual effects for feature films.
1855 Many Worlds Productions
Books, videos and CDs for 3Ds max and Character Studio users.
2211 Matrox Graphics Inc.
Matrox Graphics Inc., providing customers with state-of-the-art technologies such as DualHead, industry leading 2D, compelling 3D and creative video capture solutions for over 25 years.
1430 Maxon Computer Inc.
MAXON Computer is the developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions.
838 MaxVision Corporation
MaxVision Corporation features the MaxPac family of high performance transportable Windows workstations designed and certified specifically for design, animation, and NLE applications.
2424 Measurand Inc
Come see the SHAPE TAPE Motion Capture System that everyone is talking about. New fiber optic based motion capture system tracks shape and motion.
2324 mediadome, Inc.
mediadome’s customer branded browser technologies aggregate multiple web pages into a single 3D viewpoint that drives traffic, revenues, and overall brand awareness for online properties.
853 MediaPEGS
MediaPEGS 2D animation software, PEGS NT 3.1, creates a link among television and cinema and the Internet with its new integrated Flash converter.
629 Medéa Corporation
Medéa demonstrates its new low-cost VideoRaid SAN-Ready fibre-channel disk arrays. VideoRaid sustains 85 MB/second on Mac OS, Windows NT, and SGI systems.
1766 MENSI, Inc.
Developer of 3D scanner and modeling software for as-built data capture. Software creates models from point cloud data and exports to 3D design packages.
967 Meta Motion
Meta Motion = Better motion capture tools: Analogus Gypsy, the world's best real-time motion capture system. Kaydara FiLMBOX, FAMOUS facial animation, Data gloves, face trackers.
658 Metaspline, LLC
1060 Microboards Technology LLC
Microboards Technology LLC is a manufacturer of CD and DVD editing, recording, and duplication equipment.
1231 MindAvenue Inc.
Visit MindAvenue Inc. to see AXEL, the complete interactive 3D Web authoring solution; quickly model, animate, texture, light, preview, and publish content for the Web.
1815 Minicomputer Exchange, Inc.
The Sun and SGI specialist. Workstations, systems, parts, peripherals, and upgrades. Sell, buy, rent, repair, and service. Six-month warranty. Call for a quote today!
2418 Minolta Corporation
Minolta Corporation is featuring its complete family of 3D Color Digitizers. The scanners capture both 3D surface geometry as well as color texture data.
901 Miranda Technologies Inc.
Miranda Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of digital video and audio interfaces, DTV/HDTV converters, and advanced display products.
2032 Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Publish the finest technical information resources for computer and engineering professionals.Books about: computer graphics, human-computer interaction, multimedia information and systems, and artificial intelligence.
639 MOTEK Motion Technology, Inc.
MOTEK Motion Technology, Inc. designs and markets real-time motion data solutions and products for the entertainment and commercial technology industries.
1631 Motion Analysis.com
Real-Time Motion Capture for the new Media Industry.
638 MTI Corporation
MTI Technology Corporation (Nasdaq: MTIC) is a leading provider of high-availability, fault-tolerant solutions for the enterprise storage marketplace.