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2100 i-O Display Systems, LLC
IOD is the world's most experienced manufacturer of Head Mounted Displays, including our new SVGA model. IOD also sells 3D content, creation, and visualization tools.
1047 IBM Corporation
From image processing to modeling and rendering to digital video and reality-altering effects, IntelliStation is the ultimate Windows NT-based workstation for realizing your vision.
454 IdN Magazine
IdN is a digital design magazine published bi-monthly and primarily catering to content creators and aesthetes throughout the world.
1010 IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Computer Society, one of the most prestigious professional associations in the world, serves its members through numerous publications, conferences, and workshops.
529 IMAGICA Corp.
IMAGICA Corp. and Photron USA will co-exhibit displaying digital film scanner Imager XE, 3D match move software MAMOE and chroma matte software Primatte.
1755 Immersion Corporation
Immersion Corporation develops and licenses hardware and software technologies that let people use their sense of touch to better interact with the digital world.
2159 Immersive Technologies
Immersive Technologies has developed a proprietary technology to create interactive global illumination imagery in seconds instead of hours.
2110 Industrial Light + Magic
Industrial Light + Magic is looking for the best digital artists, software developers, and systems support personnel to contribute their talents to ground-breaking projects.
511 InSpeck inc.
InSpeck inc. specializes in the 3D scannings of real objects, particularly living beings, including the full human body.
935 IntegrityWare, Inc.
A company specializing in providing 3D graphics and geometry technology for software developers.
Intel Corporation
Intel Corporation, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading supplier of computer, networking, communications products, and online services.
1567 InterSense, Incorporated
InterSense Incorporated develops and manufactures precision motion-tracking solutions that enable computers to "see and understand" motion in a 3D world.
2020 interzart AG 3D COMMERCE
Leading manufacturer of 3D-scanning technologies for Internet applications. All generated models are fully textured and Web-ready. Plug-in and applet available!