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2026 Fakespace Systems Inc.
Fakespace Systems Inc. is today's leading worldwide developer of devices, structures, and environments for advanced interactive visualization technologies.
1859 FCS Control Systems BV
The Robotics division of FCS Control Systems now exploits its patented force-loop technology that originates from aerospace industry, for high-performance haptic display.
2219 Film & Video Equipment Ltd.
The MetaFilm product family offers the most advanced set of tools for integrating film to a High Definition digital post environment and returning to film.
1970 Finley-Holiday Film Corporation
Interactive CD-ROM. Figures in Motion.
1068 Florida High-Tech Corridor Council
Marketing and promotion of digital media, multimedia and film/television in Central Florida.
1955 Flow Analysis, Inc.
Flow Analysis, Inc. provides computational fluid dynamics software applicable to vortex-dominated flows, such as those associated with buildings, bridges, automobiles, and rotorcraft.
2434 Focal Press
A leading worldwide publisher in all areas of visual media and communications including: multimedia & graphics, film/video, photography & imaging, media technology, theatre, and lighting.
1956 Fujitsu Takamisawa America, Inc.
Fujitsu Takamisawa America, Inc. releases Windows 2000 drivers for the 3D ErgoPoint, a 3D input device that allows direct, intuitive manipulation of 3D objects.
1475 Full Sail Real World Education
Full Sail offers Associate of Science degrees in Recording Arts, Film, Digital Media, Show Production & Touring, Computer Animation and Game Design.