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i-O Display Systems, LLC

Booth 2100

1338 North Market Blvd
Sacramento, California 95834 USA
+1.916.928.9639 Phone
+1.916.928.9539 Fax


i-O Display Systems, LLC (IOD) was formed in 1997 as a new venture between Ilixco, a privately held liquid crystal display company, and Liberty Media, a division of AT&T that holds interest in a broad range of programming, communications, technology, and Internet business in the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. IOD manufactures two classes of products. One is a family of head mounted display devices called i-glasses. Worn like eyeglasses, this product provides a personal and private viewing experience for individuals. i-glasses can be connected to a variety of video and computing devices including TV, VCR, DVD, and video cameras, as well as PCs and notebook computers. The effect is like having a large screen monitor in a 6 ounce device that is worn comfortably on the head. IOD's stereoscopic 3D products are used in a broad array of applications including entertainment, PC gaming, 3D modeling, and medical tools. Also based on liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, IOD's 3D product line includes computer gaming, Internet viewing, and video viewing systems. Other products include 3D content creation tools and a growing library of stereo 3D educational and entertainment multimedia titles. i-glasses, IOD's flagship product, has revolutionized the market for personal display headsets. Over the last three years, IOD has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of head mounted displays by providing a lightweight, high performance and low cost product to the market. With the introduction of the all new i-glasses SVGA model in August 2001, i-O Display Systems is once again leading the way for a new generation of portable computing and mobile entertainment devices. IOD is managed and operated by a skilled team of dedicated professionals. It has offices in Menlo Park and Sacramento, California.


3D Graphics
Web 3D
Head Mounted Displays
Multimedia Tools and Applications-HW

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