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Huge Systems, Inc.

Booth 850

4240 Promenade Way
Marina del Rey, California 90292 USA
310-821-5196 Phone
310-821-0218 Fax


Our HugeMediaVault family of desktop storage systems is available in a number of fast, secure, cost effective configurations. HugeMediaVault can be configured for both SDTV and HDTV applications through either a single or dual channel U160 SCSI 3 controller. The single channel version supports data transfer rates of 160 MegaBytes/second burst, 80 MegaBytes/second sustained, which is more than enough for multiple, uncompressed streams of SDTV data. The HugeMediaVault-DualMax product offers 320 MegaBytes/second burst and a sustained transfer rate of at least 200 MegaBytes/second, making it suitable for HDTV applications at resolutions up to and including 1080i at 10 bits. HugeMediaVault includes fault-tolerant hardware RAID 3 with on-the-fly hardware reconstruction. All products also have a secure data encryption option that utilizes a hardware dongle to activate a data encryption scheme. A high speed backup option is also available. HugeMediaVault is available in 16 different configurations, ranging from 90 GigaBytes to 1 TeraByte. Pricing begins at under $3,000.


RAID Systems and Storage

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