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StereoGraphics Corporation

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2171 East Francisco Boulevard
San Rafael, California 94901 USA
+1.415.459.4500 Phone
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StereoGraphics® Corporation was founded by Lenny Lipton in 1980 to provide a variety of technologies to enable the realistic viewing of three-dimensional computer graphics and video images. StereoGraphics’ technology provides a genuine 3D experience for its users by capitalizing on how total human depth perception works, unlike technology that attempts to display depth and perspective in a flat, two-dimensional environment. Humans perceive three-dimensional depth stereoscopically, which is to say, through the use of both eyes. StereoGraphics’ technology utilizes patented stereoscopic visualization techniques to deliver graphical data with a perception of realistic, three-dimensional images (Stereo3D™). Stereo3D is the use of computer technology to recreate the way we naturally see depth — stereoscopically. Stereoscopic viewing describes how we use both eyes — each with a slightly different perspective — to perceive depth in a physical environment. Stereo3D delivers the most realistic visual representation possible of complex digital models, giving engineers, architects and scientists the best possible understanding of three-dimensional information, and yielding levels of technical proficiency not available using a typical 3D view. StereoGraphics’ primary method for delivering Stereo3D images to the user is with StereoGraphics-designed products using liquid crystal technology. StereoGraphics’ products continuously transmit separate images to the left and right eyes creating a view of computer or video-based objects that have depth, perspective and presence in three-dimensional space. StereoGraphics’ mission is: "To improve the quality of human life by supplying high quality, Stereo3D™ visualization and system enhancement products". Today, StereoGraphics has a family of Stereo3D visualization products for the realistic recording and display of Stereo3D images. The products are described as follows: SynthaGram™ Monitor The SynthaGram Monitor is an autostereoscopic display system enabling Stereo3D™ visualization without the need for special eyewear. It comprises an LCD panel with an integrated lenticular lens optical device, a graphics card and cabling supporting digital video output plus a Software Developers’ Kit (SDK). This kit includes everything needed to create stereoscopic content from existing applications and includes an application programmers interface for enabling stereo in software applications, a viewer to play back the stereo images on display and a 3D Studio MAX® / VIZ® plug-in enabling creation of autostereoscopic images within 3D Studio. CrystalEyes® 3 StereoGraphics’ flagship product is a workstation-level, wireless set of liquid crystal shuttering eyewear for Stereo3D viewing. It is a powerful solution for engineers, scientists, cartographers and GIS professionals who develop, view and manipulate complex 3D computer graphics. This newest version of CrystalEyes® features improved durability and fit, increased battery life, battery condition indicator and enhanced sync circuitry. Scientists, surgeons and engineers have used CrystalEyes to design next-generation automobiles, motorcycles and airplanes, perform gene-splicing, interpret images gathered from deep space, perform endoscopic surgery, and even guide the Pathfinder mission on Mars. StereoGraphics’ visualization products are typically used in conjunction with UNIX and NT workstations. Monitor ZScreen® 2000 Series Monitor ZScreen 2000 and Monitor ZScreen 2000i provide true Stereo3D visualization capabilities when used with a simple pair of polarized glasses. Ideal tools for collaborative viewing, multi-monitor configurations and interpreting multi-dimensional images, the Monitor ZScreen 2000 and Monitor ZScreen 2000i significantly enhance the technical proficiency of engineers, scientists, cartographers and medical professionals who view complex 3D computer graphics models. StereoEyes™ Family of Products StereoEyes is a low-cost, wireless stereoscopic system for PCs, consisting of four components: StereoEyes eyewear, an emitter, a StereoEnabler™ connector, and Stereo3D software drivers. It is ideally suited for reviewing CAD designs and Finite-Element Analysis models and for analyzing GIS 3D spatial data. For Windows 98/Me users, it brings Stereo3D visualization to any PC. StereoEyes Wired is an entry-level stereoscopic system for PCs, consisting of three components: StereoEyes Wired eyewear, a StereoEnabler™ connector, and Stereo3D software drivers. The StereoEnabler permits stereoscopic viewing of stereo-enabled software on graphics cards that do not normally support stereo on Windows 98/Me platform. Additionally, it allows stereo visualization of non-stereo OpenGL software. The StereoEnabler will also provide Stereo3D™ support for selected graphics cards for Windows NT/2000. Projection ZScreen® StereoGraphics Projection ZScreen works with CRT projectors to allow audiences to view stereoscopic content using polarized glasses. StereoVue™ Family of Products The StereoVue products are stereo rendering plug-ins for 3D graphics and animation design systems. StereoVue-3ds is a stereoscopic visualization plug-in for 3D Studio. The plug-in supports 3ds max™ 4, 3D Studio MAX® R3 and 3D Studio VIZ® R3, allowing the creation of stereoscopic images and animations within 3D Studio by digital content creators, architects and other design professionals. Key Partnerships Hardware: StereoGraphics’ hardware platform partners include SGI, HP, SUN, IBM and Compaq. Hardware peripheral partners include HP, S3, 3Dlabs, E&S, ELSA and Formac. Software: StereoGraphics’ software partners include leading GIS/mapping firms Autometric/Boeing, LH Systems, Z/I Imaging, ERDAS, ISM, KLT & CMG; Molecular Modeling companies Accelrys, Tripos, Fujitsu and Schrodinger; M/CAD firms Dassault Systemes, SDRC, Unigraphics, SolidWorks and Autodesk; Product Simulation partners CEI, EAI and PTC; and many others.


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