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DigiCel, Inc.

Booth 540

1 Lanterna
Aliso Viejo, California 92656 USA
+1.949.916.8767 Phone
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DigiCel was formed in 1999, when all of the key personnel left the first digital ink & paint company with the support of their primary customers to develop a better way to do cel animation. Freed from any ties to outdated programs, they were able to take full advantage of the latest technology in applying everything they had learned over the years. FlipBook is the answer to the most common requests from thousands of animators around the world for more powerful animation software that is both easier to use and more affordable. FlipBook PT (Pencil Test) is clearly the fastest and most powerful pencil test software on the market today. And in addition to Pencil Test it also offers Storyboarding, Track Reading, Rotoscoping and Animatics. You can scan, shoot or draw your storyboard panels into FlipBook, adjust the timing, sync up the soundtrack, and play it all back to get a feel for the pace and the story line from the very beginning. Using a video camera, you can capture your rough animation drawings directly into the exposure sheet and play them back instantly. While the scene is playing, you can adjust the timing of the entire scene, a range, or a single frame. You can add or remove drawings, copy and paste cycles, or do any other kind of editing and see your changes instantly! Cleaned-up drawings can be scanned directly into the exposure sheet and tested for line quality and lip sync. At any stage of production, it can all be played back, recorded to videotape or sent over the internet to view the current status of the work in progress. FlipBook SE (Standard Edition) adds the ability to ink & paint the cleaned-up drawings, turning beautiful line art into gorgeous, full-color, broadcast-quality images. The powerful combination of painting tools, found only in FlipBook, make painting faster, easier and more accurate than ever before. The Fill Tool can paint the same object in one frame, several frames, or the entire level automatically and can be used like a brush to paint adjacent areas within the same frame more easily. Colored lines are as easy as point-and-click, or as detailed as click-and-drag. And even after the entire scene has been painted, you can still change your mind about the colors, and FlipBook will repaint the entire scene for you while you watch it play. FlipBook Pro adds curved-path, multiplane camera moves so you can pan, zoom, rotate, blur and dissolve any or all levels within the scene. It also makes soft-edged shadows, like those seen in The Lion King, Space Jam, or in TV commercials, as easy as can be. There’s even a FlipBook Lite for the aspiring animator who wants to get into the world of animation. You can draw, paint and play your animation right on the computer with all the tools you need including a built-in light table feature to make it easy to see several frames while you draw. You can even trace over characters in live action movies to use as a reference or to add cartoon characters to your home movies. Whatever level of animation you want to do, FlipBook is the easiest and most powerful software you can buy without spending a fortune and the quality is second to none.


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