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Savannah Digital Communications

Booth 850

609 East 56th Street, Suite A
Savannah, Georgia 31405 USA
+1.912.286.1925 Phone
+1.801.730.8665 Fax


We are a communications provider specializing in all of your technical manual and user guide needs for the computer industry. Our staff consists of technical specialists from around the world. We localize product literature and user manuals for all major world markets. If you are doing business anywhere in Europe, Asia or the Americas, we are the solution to your translation and project management needs. The difference in doing business with us is the care your project is in at all stages. At all times you will have direct access to your project manager for those last minute changes that always surface on projects with tight schedules. Every translation customer will benefit from the years of experience our quality assurance department puts into each project. The quality and integrity of your localized documents are assured before any project leaves our office. Our production abilities include convincing audio/video presentions with a "Perfect Fit" for any world market you need to do business in. We can deliver in any format you might need: HTML, PDF, Help Files and postscript ready for print just to name a few. Anything you might need concerning customer support material is always just a phone call or email away. Give us a call today to start enjoying the benefits of our experience in doing business worldwide.


2D Graphics
3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Architecture Applications
Artificial Intelligence
Authoring Software
Broadcast Design Software
Business and Financial Graphics
Computer-Video Interfacing
Data Analysis
Desktop Publishing
Desktop Video Production Software
Digital Imaging
Electronic Publishing
Engineering Applications
Commercial Game Engines
Geographic Information Systems-HW
Graphic Design Systems
Graphics Accelerator Boards
Graphics Standards Software
GroupWare Software
Image Based Modeling
Image Management
Industrial Design
Information Visualization
Mapping and Cartography
Medical Imaging Software
Motion Capture Software
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Networking Infrastructure
Paint Systems
Rendering and Modeling
Scientific Visualization
Scientific Application
Streaming Technology
Systems Integrators
Video Encoding and Compression
VR Software
Visual Effects Software
Web 3D
Web Graphics
3D Rapid Prototyping
Digital Cameras
Digitizing Cameras
Digital Video Hardware
DVD Authoring Tools
Commercial Game Equipment
Geographic Information Systems
Graphics Accelerator Boards-HW
Haptic Input Devices
Hardcopy Devices; Photographs/Slides
Head Mounted Displays
High Performance Graphics Processors
High Resolution Technologies
Input Devices
Interface Tools
Motion Capture Equipment
Mobile Computing
Monitors and Displays
Multimedia Tools and Applications-HW
Networking Equipment
OEM Components
Printers and Plotters
RAID Systems and Storage
Scan Converters
Storage Devices; Tape/Disk
Terminals, Monitors and Displays
Video Effects Equipment
Video Servers
Conferences and Exhibitions
Contract Graphics/Programming

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