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Phoenix Tools S.r.l.

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Via Cardano 8
Milan, 20124 ITALY
+39.02.671.1691 Phone
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Phoenix Tools is a global leader in developing advanced software for computer graphics. The company was founded in 1997 by a team of developers, from the Softimage Special Project Group in Los Angeles, with years of experience in the computer graphics field. Phoenix Tools is committed to support entertainment companies (Film, TV and Multimedia) needing innovative solutions in response to the increasing market competition and new creative challenges. Phoenix Tools can provide a wide variety of services, from consulting and project design to full applications software development thanks to an experienced R&D staff and computer graphics specialists. Phoenix Tools’ milestones include: · development and sale of the largest plug-ins and shaders collection currently available for Softimage|3D with more than two thousand licenses installed worldwide; · design and development of a “state of the art” dynamic simulation software (particles and fluid dynamic, soft and rigid body, and cloth simulation systems) which brought in 1999 to a commercial agreement with Avid/Softimage. Phoenix Tools is now Softimage’s Strategic Partner in the development of the dynamic simulation module (one of the four main modules) within Softimage|XSI, their new generation 3D authoring application; At Siggraph 2001 Phoenix Tools is presenting the first prototype of the project ICARUS (Codename), TimeMaster, Origami and many other plug-ins and shaders developed for Maya, Avid|DS, Softimage|3D and XSI. ICARUS (Codename) is an advanced Computer Vision Technology based software application dedicated to perform a seamless mixing of real and virtual content coming from both live and off-line action. ICARUS develops and integrates techniques that allow a high-end digitization of off-line content. The first release of ICARUS will include a consistent set of modules allowing a whole range of innovative special effects that, so far, can be accessed only by a few production companies (with in-house developments) and that will be now available for every production and post production factory in a very cost effective way. TIMEMASTER is a standalone application that allows different kinds of image manipulations. The technique employed is based on motion flow computation and analysis along the sequence. TimeMaster lets the user, for example, add new frames to an existing video sequence, add motion blur or even detect local motion. You can "time-warp" the sequence, i.e. modify and control in an accurate way the speed of the sequence, with respect to the original one. It is possible to generate accurate motion effects, such as extreme slow motion and any speed change in the sequence. ORIGAMISUITE is a set of modules and utilities that allows you to extract or reconstruct the lost 3D information from a set of photographs or a motion sequence. The elements of the OrigamiSuite give the user the specific solution for all the tasks, which constitute the complex process of Camera Tracking and 3D Reconstruction. Everything happens inside the 3D authoring application environment, which means that the user can visualize and use the results immediately, without jumping from one application to another. Available for Softimage|3D. MAYA PLUG-INS AND SHADER. Phoenix Tools is now covering most of the hi-end 3D authoring applications offering the best production proven plug-ins and shaders to Alias|Wavefront’s Maya. A first collection is now available for Maya 2.5 and 3.0. REALFUR is the solution to create animate and render various types of hair and fur. RealFur is based on Mental Images “mental ray” geometry shaders technology which translates into very fast rendering and is the only commercially available solution to support a fur pipeline in Softimage|3D. BEHAVE is a behavioral simulator that lets you control the motion of flocks of birds, herds of land animals, or shoals of fish, while following a target. Each individual is an independent actor that navigates according to its local perception of the dynamic environment, to physical forces and to rules of closeness with other individuals. Available for Softimage|3D and Maya. WOOZlab is a web application complete of authoring tool and player, that lets you create and manage 3D elements with html image files and database driven content mapped on each surface, offering an innovative solution for content design and delivery. An unique approach to web browsing, content personalization and visibility.


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