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5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies)

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2005 De La Cruz Boulevard, Suite 292
Santa Clara, California 95050 USA
+1.408.748.1316 Phone
+1.408.748.1329 Fax


5DT develops, produces and distributes Virtual Reality [VR] Hardware, Software and Systems. 5DT also develops Turnkey Systems for clients. 5DT's HARDWARE PRODUCTS include the 5DT Data Glove Series (5 sensor, 14 sensor, MRI, wireless), the 5DT HMD (mono, stereo, SVGA), the 5DT Virtual Binoculars, the 5DT Space Controller and the 5DT 3DOF Orientation Tracker. 5DT has developed SIMULATORS and SYSTEMS in the following fields: Animation, Automotive, Aviation, Defence, High Voltage, Industrial, Landscape Technology, Marine, Medical, Mining and Visualization. Animation solutions include Motion Capture Solutions. Automotive products include a Driver Training Simulator and a Road Safety Training System. Aviation products include an Airspace Visualizer, an Air Traffic Control [ATC] Training Simulator, an Experimental Avionics Test Bed, a Flight Visualization System and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [UAV] Training Simulator. Defense products include an Integrated Virtual Battlefield, a Fiber Optic Guided Missile Training Simulator (with Computer Based Training system) and a Rocket Launcher Training Simulator. High Voltage products include a Line Inspection Logger, a Line Inspection Training Simulator (with Computer Based Training system), a Line Repair Training System, a Line Visualization System and a Power Yard Training Simulator. Industrial products include a Crane Operator Training Simulator. Landscape Technology includes Terrain Development and Rendering. Marine products include an integrated Ship, Submarine and Unmanned Underwater Vehicle [UUV] Training Simulator (technology demonstrator). Medical products include a Bronchoscope Training Simulator, an Exposure Treatment Phobia Simulator, a Gastroenterology Atlas of Images and a Gastroscope Training Simulator. Mining products include a Continuous Miner Training Simulator and a Surface Mining Training Simulator. Visualization products include a Flow Visualization System. 5DT indeed aspires to provide: "Virtual Reality for the Real World!".


Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Engineering Applications
Information Visualization
Mapping and Cartography
Medical Imaging Software
Motion Capture Software
Scientific Visualization
Systems Integrators
VR Software
Head Mounted Displays
Input Devices
Interface Tools
Motion Capture Equipment
Monitors and Displays
Terminals, Monitors and Displays
Contract Graphics/Programming

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