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2ce, Inc.

Booth 2331

950 West Valley Forge Road
King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406 USA
+1.610.768.8868 Phone
+1.610.768.8869 Fax


2ce offers 3D web browser and development tools that are revolutionizing how applications and the Web are viewed and utilized. The first release of these products is the CubicEye™, a popular consumer browser interface built for simultaneous interaction with multiple web sites. Viewers easily click up to six websites into a 3D cube, and are able to fully rotate this “CubicEye” to view all the pages. They can zoom in on the back wall to view as a standard 2D browser page, while the other five pages remain connected to the web. They can store favorite cubes on their desktop or taskbar and e-mail their favorite cubes to family, friends and associates. At Siggraph, 2ce will introduce a new group of CubicEye Developer Tools that will allow developers to incorporate six active walls into their websites or applications. The CubicEye Developer Tools will include the following capabilities: - Drag and drop web into a cube from a list of files - Drag and drop model files into a cube from a list of files - Insert cube tags into html documents - Insert links to expanded cube structures in html document - Insert model tags into html documents - Provides templates and graphics for “CubicEye enabled” pages - Preview enabled website in CubicEye environment. 2ce is also continuing development on CubicEye Application Tools that will turn any Windows application, not just Web pages, into a cube. Upon release of these tools, Developers will have the ability to build applications that take advantage of CubicEye by allowing multiple views of an application to be seen at once. To view a CubicEye requires a PC with the following minimum configuration: Pentium II 350 Mhz, 128 MB of RAM, Direct3D accelerated video card with 8 MB of video RAM or higher, video setting at 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 in 16 bit color, OS: Windows 98, ME or 2000, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and Direct X 7.


3D Graphics
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Web 3D
Web Graphics

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