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Khronos Group

Booth 2411

480 Potrero Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94085 USA
+1.408.530.4750 Phone
+1.408.530.4701 Fax


The Khronos Group is a consortium founded in January 2000 by a number of leading media-centric companies, including 3Dlabs, ATI, Discreet, Evans & Sutherland, Intel, Nvidia, SGI and Sun Microsystems, dedicated to creating open standard APIs to enable the authoring and playback of rich media on a wide variety of platforms and devices. The first specification produced by the group is OpenML™, which complements OpenGL® by enabling digital content authoring application developers to easily integrate video, audio and graphics capabilities into their application suites, with portability across multiple operating systems, CPU architectures and add-in hardware devices. The group has also announced an initiative to standardize small subsets of both OpenML and OpenGL to bring dynamic media capabilities to a wide variety of appliances and embedded devices in market segments such as safety-critical automotive and avionics displays, handheld and line-powered appliances and rich-media devices such as advanced digital TVs, set top boxes and game consoles.


2D Graphics
3D Graphics
Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Broadcast Design Software
Computer-Video Interfacing
Desktop Video Production Software
Graphics Accelerator Boards
Graphics Standards Software
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Video Encoding and Compression
Visual Effects Software

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